Here is a tip to make you more professional, have a smooth communication, or avoid trick by a dishonest vendor. It will make your communication efficient—do you want it?

Ok, let us begin as you will definitely say yes. 

The term “GRADE” is often used as a guide to describe quality. And we love using the quantity of A to represent it. Usually, the more it is, the better the quality will be.

As we all know that the better quality, the higher price it will be—whatever we buy. So what matters the price of human hair extensions? See the video, please.

The price is mainly affected by 3 factors if we did not consider the hair method:

  1. Material,

That determines the lifetime. It ranges from 3 months to 24 months with proper care.

Economy class hair lasts 6-8 months

Middle-class hair lasts 8-12 months

Luxury class hair lasts 1-2 years.

     2. Ratio:

Did not know what ratio mean? See it, please

That determine the ending is thick or not. The better ratio, the thicker.

There are 5 variations:

Thin class

Middle class

Thick class

Thicker class

Thickest class, that is double drown hair. All the hair strand are the same length, close to each other. Folks note that the price of double drown is real high.

One thing should be pointed out is, many customers do not know what double drown really is. They will tell you “I would like double drown hair.”Actually, they just want thick ending hair, but not real double drown. The thick class and thicker are their dishes as the price is affordable and the ending is full enough.

Please see it in the chart.

virgin hair ratio

Also, I get 2 images of different ratio hair for your better understanding.

Virgin hair ratio

The left one is thicker ratio and the right one is just thick. Their length is same as 20 inches, while, surely the left one is with the higher price.

  1. Pureness:

That determine whether it looks pure color. Pure color means all the hair strand is the same color, no other ones like gray or yellow hair strand. The more pure, the higher the price will be.

Pureness can be categorized to 3 class:

Economy class: 95%

Assuming that you get a natural color hair bundle. That means 95% of the hair strand is the natural color. The other 5% is another color.

Popular class 97%

Luxury class 99.5%

90% and 95% one are both welcomed as they are affordable.


My friend, you see there are so many variations so it is hard to get a unified standard to all the vendors.

The term “grade” is only valid when within a separate vendor. While it is not valid when it comes to two more vendors.

Finally, please do not claim that “ Tom’s hair is better as his 7A hair lower than Jack’s 5A hair”. Thanks. 🙂

If you have any questions about hair extensions business, you can also let me know and I will try to explain for you by an article like this one.