How the hair color range with strong or weak light?

Seeing is believing? Not true all the time. Actually, everything we see range with different light. Today the Glamour hair factory take picture of hair bundle at different circumstance to show you the secret of color. It is took  indoor of natural light (without artificial light), indoor with artificial light, also outdoor. To make it easy to compare, we put them together. See it please.

hair color range with strong or weak light

The first one is took at the indoor without artificial light. It looks purple color;

The second one is took at indoor without artificial light, it looks bright purple;

The third one is took outdoor with sunlight, it looks light purple.

Same hair bundle looks much different with different light, that is strange, right? While, actually, it is true.

Also, the luminance of computer screen also display you different color. That is why you should order a sample to get it in your hand and check the color. Only in that way you get the real color.

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