Every year, consumers take advantage of promotional discounts offered by Black Friday, 11.11. AliExpress and other seasonal promotions. Typically, retailers will use the word promotion and discounts as a strategy to entice buyers to spend dollars. At this time, most consumers are convinced that this is the best time to buy hair extensions, shoes, beauty products and more.

Wait! Do you think this is the right decision? Are you 100% sure? Are you really going to receive the best quality hair during these seasonal promotions? Surprise, surprise. We were once a seller to AliExpress and learned a lot from the roller coaster experience of working with them.

Declaration: Aliexpress is a platform which gathering millions of sellers. It is like the market below:

Some is great but not all of them. Aliexpress benefit from every transaction made by sellers. So, the bigger volume, the more money Aliexpress withdraws. While, Aliexpress do not control the quality and shipping time, that is the difference between Amazon and it.

In 2015, the average cost for 3 bundles of 20-inch body wave hair was $80.00. During 11.11 AliExpress, one store called Babara reduced price to $50.00 to receive more sales. In result, it received 800 orders in one day. This is huge, right? It surpassed all the other hair sellers. Typically, price reduction strategies will not allow sellers to receive a return on their initial investment. They will lose money in the end. But how did it profit?

After the promotion, it received a lot of returns and negative feedback. Later, the store was shut down. Why? Well, the hair they supplied during the 11.11 AliExpress promotion was a different hair grade. That’s right! They replaced the hair with bad ones— Human hair was mixed with synthetic to bring down the price from $80.00 to $50.00.  As they always say, you get what you pay.

Please think again before ordering from AliExpress. Trust me, it will be a bad decision considering their long shipping time. On that day, they generate 10 times of orders than what they get normally. yet FED EX, UPS and DHL cannot handle this shipping capacity. Think about it, they do not have access to more flights or trucks to deliver these parcels. Don’t even think about ordering the hair for a wedding celebration, party or special occasion. The shipping process will take longer, and it will be a stressful experience. Look at the warehouse on 11,11, 2016 in Hangzhou, China. 

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