How to Sell Hair Extensions successfully(1)?

After the tip Why selling hair extension make you rich easier, you have made your decision to start your hair business, right? See the guide to bring you bigger success and faster.

Step 1—To be an expert at what you sell

Pay time to the popular hair style on market. There a lot of articles about hair extension on Glamour hair factory. Hope it helps. You can visit hair supply stores to see and feel the real hair and test the available products to learn what customers are buying. Google image is a good tool to help you to learn. Type the keywords and search, you will get the image matches it. Also, examine the styles of individuals who wear hair extensions, read current hairstyle magazines, visit hair extension retail websites and hair forums is also a good choice.  See the articles: how to tell the difference between human hair and synthetic hair.

sell-hair-extensions successfully

Step 2—Get a reliable partner to supply you good hair

Get an honest manufacturer as your partner, that is the foundation of your success. Usually, that starts with a hair sample. There are many choices for you to get them: B2B site like,, …The key thing is, do not get messed up by the ranking on Alibaba as the top 10 vendors in the searching results just mean the vendor paid much money for advertisement, which has nothing to do with their quality and service.

Step 3— Star to sell on a physical store

you can open a brick-and-mortar retail store.

The key rule for a physical store is Location! Location! Location! Choose a location close to busy street or a busy crossing if you can afford the rent;

If not, you can get a small shop far to the busy area. While give your customers a reason to forget your competitor as they have to go far away, your more service can be a free installation at the customer home. Free and professional care and maintenance every month, free consultation. Lower price as you pay less rent. In one word, you should have your unique selling point, your difference.

sell-hair-extensions successfully

Step 4—Sell online

Online selling is surely a good way as it saves a lot than running a physical store.  You can set up a website with WordPress in 1 month, and post your products so you get more viewer. Other choices like eBay, an auction site and marketplace pages on social media like Facebook or classifieds sites as Craigslist are all good. Customers decide to buy based on clear pictures of the products and detailed descriptions. Provide payment methods that are not difficult to use for a satisfactory experience, usually, it is Paypal.

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