How Sell Hair Extensions successfully (2) ?

Step 5—Sell related item

This article is the continuation of the tip How to Sell Hair Extensions successfully (1)

Sell tools or accessories that are typically needed to weave human hair, such as bonding glue, clips, nail tips, hair razors and weaving needles, to increase your sales volume.

Usually, your customers can not finish the installation without the small items, so why miss out it?

All the small items can be got by Glamour hair factory, you do not turn to many different vendors as that causes too much time for communication and a lot fee for shipping.

Sell Hair Extensions

Step 6—Advertisements

Advertise your business with as many ways as possible.

  1. For instance, create interest in your business by posting updates about How to use products on social networking websites, forums, and newsletters.
  2. If you have a physical store, get known in your community by producing or sponsoring a hair show, fashion show or related event.
  3. You can also donate hair or supplies to help make custom wigs for people who have lost their hair due to alopecia or cancer. Doing so will give you a personal sense of satisfaction and may enable you to gain media coverage.
  4. Also, gather your customers once a month to hold a webinar to discuss their fun and tips about hair extension.
  5. You could also place an advertisement for your hair business on the trunk or doors of your car. Every time you drive, you will end up getting new viewers. See examples:

Sell Hair Extensions


Step 7—Offer discount to your VIP

For regular, repeat customers like salon professionals and cosmetology students, discounts or gifts is a must to keep your business running a long time. Make less money? Listen, clients like them are very valuable:

  1. They consume you many items every month, that is steady order, helping you to build a strong cash flow.
  2. You will not make less money finally as they usually buy more hair at a time than regular customers.
  3. Last but not least, they will bring new clients to you. Yes, that is word of mouth. You get new customers without any cost, great deal, right?

Sell Hair Extensions successfully