Are the hair on Aliexpress really cost effective?

For last 2 years, if you buy hair from Aliexpress regularly, you will see the price continuously increasing. Meaning, even though you are paying more than ever before; the quality of hair is not as good as it used to be in past years. Why?

We were a seller on Aliexpress and quit 3 years ago as it was not cost effective. You see as Aliexpress became more popular they began to increase the cost to sell on their platform. Meaning that the increase in cost must be passed on to the buyer. Leaving Aliexpress being the only one benefiting from the increase. As the sellers are paying more to sell on the platform, buyer pays more for less quality hair as the seller tries to keep price low. As a manufacturer we always look for the best way to save money for buyers without sacrificing quality, thus, we decided to step out on our own.


At the beginning, the commission is 5%. That means, if factory price is 100 dollars, we will set it as 105 dollars. The Aliexpress deducts 5 dollars and we receive 100 dollars.

While, beginning in 2016, it rose to 10%. Therefore we would need to charge a minimum of $110 in order to receive $100 for manufacturing cost. Example: Buyer pays $105 Aliexpress now deducts $10% or $10.50 (105*0.9=94.5) leaving the seller with $94.50. Even though the cost to manufacture is $100.

Do you get it?


PPC means pay per click. When you browsing Aliexpress, you will see stores listed in the sidebar of first page. That is sponsored by sellers. When you click it, the seller will pay money to Aliexpress.

That is a good way to gain traffic. When this option first began the cost was only 0.5-2 dollars per click. However it has drastically increased to $2-5 dollars per click. The rate charged is based on the rating of the SEO search term used. Meaning the seller will pay 3000-5000 dollars every month on average. That is not small amount of money, folks. In case you aren’t aware the average salary for an employee is 700 dollars in China. 

And finally, all these cost are passed down to the buyer. 

We offer everything at factory price, no PPC, no commission charged by any you can get the quite competitive price with the great quality hair. If you do not like the hair, you can send back and get money back! It is 100% money back guarantee.

You can contact our email for price list. that is,