What matters the price of hair extension? (1)

What matters the price of hair extension? That is a question asked by our customers for more than 1000 times. You know everyone wants to know what they bought as no one wants to pay much money for an item not valuable.

Before the answers, there is a truth we can not miss: For any physical products: A car, a clothes or perfume…..The price secret is: price involves material, technology, and brand.

matters price hair extension

Take hair extension for example.

1. The material matters the price

The hair material is mainly 2 kinds: synthetic hair, human hair. I will show you human hair only as we only focus 100% human hair, not mixed or blended ones.

For human hair, there are mainly two kinds: one is 5A hair and the other is 7A hair.

5A hair can last 5-6 months and 7A can last 1-2 years with proper care.

2. The length matters the price

Surely, the longer hair, the higher price it will be. Generally, the growth of human hair is 2 cm per month, most donors get their hair cut when it is 18 inch or less. Why?  you know longer hair needs longer time to care every day. They cut it as they do not like to spend hours every day to care, which makes the hair of more than 20 inches hard to source. That is why the price goes higher with the hair length.

matters price hair extension

3. The ratio of human hair matters the price

First, what is the ratio?

Usually, our customers tell me, Jack, I want thick and full ending hair bundles. The one I got from other vendor is too thin and their price is too high. The key word thin means low ratio, thick and full means high ratio.

Ratio means, the percentage of longest hair in the bundle.

You can take a hair bundle to check, wherever you bought. To all the hair bundles, no matter how long it is, it is mixed with different lengths of hair strands. You bought 18 inches, it is mixed with 18, 16, 14, or 18, 16, 14, 12, even 18, 16, 14, 12, 10 if you pay the too low price for it. Obviously, the more 18-inch hair strand in the bundle, it looks more thick and full. Of course, it will be more expensive as it needs more long hair. 

matters price hair extension


1. The first image is without hair extension.

2.  The second image is with low ratio hair extension. The hair length is 20 inch.

3. The third image is with high ratio hair extension. The hair length is also 20 inch. While high ratio hair looks fuller and thick. 

4.The pattern matters the price 

There are plenty patterns available: body wave, straight, deep wave, jerry curly, loose wave, natural wave, kinky curly, water wave.


The original pattern of hair bundle is straight, there is a process called steam to get it to wavy ones. That means it costs time, labor and equipment to do that. For this reason, the wavy ones are more expensive than the straight ones.