For any business, success is only generated by two sides—buyer and seller. Both are important as no one will win if any side failed. With 5 years experience as a hair vendor, I witnessed too many good & bad stories. Today let us talk about what makes a hair vendor perfect one.




Which quality are the most important one when you choose a partner? Honesty, or Price?

I bet 99% people will answer “ Honesty” even they want “ Price” all the time.

Let us see the story without honesty.

1. He promises you that the hair bundles are 100% human hair. While when you get it, damn, you found the hair bundle is mixed with synthetic hair.

2. You like the hair sample as it is good quality and affordable price. And you are sure your business will fly soon with it. While when the first bulk order arrived, you found they are worse quality than the samples. How can you run a successful business?

So, first and most important, the perfect vendor should be honest. Everything will be nothing without honesty.